Elementary School Student Aide

                                Evaluation Form

This form is for the purpose of evaluating the student aide that has been provided for you  by the Whitefish High School Elementary Aide program.. With the feedback from this evaluation form we can better serve your needs and provide dependable student aides. Thanks for participating in the program. We obviously couldn't offer this valuable opportunity to our students without your participation. For your convenience, you can  complete this evaluation form on the net and return it via the net. Please feel free to make any recommendations.  Your evaluation and comments are greatly appreciated. 

Evaluate your student aide on a basis of 1 to 5,  where (1) is poor and  (5) is excellent for each question. There is a place at the end of the evaluation for comments..

Jim T

Student Aide:     Collaborating Teacher:

Semester:  Week into semester:     Date:

  How would you rate this aide on dependability

        2   3     4    5

How would you rate this student on punctuality?

          3    4    5

How would you rate this student on his or her contribution to your class?

           3    4    5

How would you rate this students attendance?

           1    3    4    5    

Please indicate how many times he or she has been a no show to your class:

 Number of time absent this quarter:

Would you like to have this student aide again in the future? 

Would you like to have a different aide in the future? 


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