Life as a Slave


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Students will learn about the lives of slaves. They will learn about slavery at Old Salem, a Moravian community in North Carolina; at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington; and at Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. Then they will read narratives and interviews of former slaves to gain insights into the life of a slave.


The Task:

Explore the following links about life as a slave. Pretend that you are a slave and write a fictional narrative. Finally, create a booklet detailing the work, recreation, religion, and living conditions of slaves in the United States.


The Process:

At the computer:     

In the classroom:

Think about what you have learned about life as a slave. Pretend that you are a slave. Write a fictional narrative pretending that you are a slave. What was life like? How were you treated? What kind of jobs did you perform? How did you like being a slave?  How would you try to gain your freedom?

Then create a book explaining the life of a slave. What was the daily life like? What kind of food did they eat? What kind of work did they do? Describe their living conditions. Tell about the family life of slaves. You may even mention some slaves' names and some of their experiences. Include a bibliography





Student learning will be measured by the quality of the fictional narrative and infomation included in the book. The fictional narrative should be realistic and characteristic of slavery life. The book should include data and facts acquired in the research process, through the webquest and classroom learning. Both should be correct in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The book should contain a bibliography. 


Upon completion of the WebQuest, students will produce two writings which will reflect the information and insight they have gained about slave life. This study will be concluded by students forming groups of three to five and sharing their books with the group.

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